We Help Cattle Grow

You need a program that is customized to your specific needs. One that has at its foundation a line of implants designed to provide you with the flexibility to choose the appropriate implant strategy for your cattle, at every stage of growth, based on factors such as:

  • Cattle Type
  • The age and gender of animal
  • The energy content of the animal's diet
  • Where is the animal in the production cycle
  • The availability of labour and facilities

Revalor® provides a broad range of implants for optimal program customization. It's the only line of implants that also includes: 

  • A product formulated specifically for steers and heifers on pasture (Revalor®-G)  
  • Long-lasting implants designed to improve growth for up to 200 days in your feedlot steers (Revalor®-XS) or feedlot heifers (Revalor®-XH)  
  • A long-lasting implant to replace a performance-based terminal implant in your feedlot steers and heifers (Revalor®-XR)

To find out more about Revalor® implants, selecting an implant program and administering implants, click on the tabs above, or contact your veterinarian or your Merck Animal Health representative. 

REVALOR® is a registered trademark of Intervet International B.V. Used under license.