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Implanting with Revalor®

Implanting  with Revalor

All implants in the Revalor® line are designed for use with the automatic Revalor® implant applicator.

(NOTE: The Ralogun™ applicator, which is designed for Ralgro® implants, is NOT compatible with Revalor® implants.)

Before implanting

  • Open the package at least 30 minutes prior to processing.
  • Store open cartridges in a covered plastic container.
  • Make sure the implanting site is clean and dry. If necessary, use a stiff brush or scraper to remove mud, dirt and manure. Disinfect and scrape or dry before implanting.

How to use the Revalor® applicator  

  • Do not remove the cap of the cartridge containing the implants.
  • Place the cartridge, with the capped end toward the front, into the slot at the top of the implanter magazine.
  • Gently push the cartridge into the slot until it clicks into place. The implanter is now ready for use.
  • Take the ear of the animal firmly with the free hand and insert the needle into the subcutaneous tissue at the implanting site. Press the trigger.
  • The retraction bar will automatically withdraw the needle from the ear aiding in depositing the pellets of the implant in a single row.
  • The applicator automatically advances the cartridge to the next implant.
  • When all the implants have been administered, the cartridge will fall out of the bottom of the magazine ready for replacement with a fresh cartridge.
  • To change the needle, loosen the needle locking nut and replace the needle. Tighten the nut finger tight and the applicator is ready for use.

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