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Revalor®-G Comparative Study

In a comparative study1, Revalor®-G delivered better average daily gain and value

The performance of stocker steers implanted with Revalor®-G was compared to that of steers implanted with Synovex*-S, Ralgro® and non-implanted control steers.

Study location: Kentucky, USA
Steer type: British and Continental cross
Number of cattle: 319
Days grazing: 130
Start weight: 545 lb
End weight: 728 lb
Total gain: 183 lb

In this study 319 crossbred steers were stratified by weight and randomly allocated to three treatment groups: Synovex*-S, Ralgro® and Revalor®·G and one control group (no implant) and put on pasture. The animals were weighed three times on days 1 and 98 and when the study ended on day 130.

In this study, the implanted steers had improved rates of gain for the first 98 days on grass compared to the non-implanted steers. However, in the last 32 days on pasture, the Synovex-S and Ralgro groups grew at a slower rate while the Revalor-G group continued to grow at the faster rate.

Revalor G Revalor G

Revalor G Revalor G


Compared to animals in the control group, grazing steers implanted with Revalor®-G gained almost twice the weight gained by steers implanted with Synovex*-S.

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1. Johns J.T., K.D. Bullock, D. Nash and T. Slaughter. The effect of Revalor-G, Synovex-S or Ralgro on gain of grazing steers. 2000. UK Beef Research Report
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